Whiskey Business

Welcome Whiskey lovers! My name is Marc Orlando and What started off as a hobby, traveling and tasting various brands of whiskey magically turned into a business. It all started when I was a little boy and overheard my dad talking. He said “whiskey is a gentleman’s drink, an acquired taste and I wanted to know why. So, I spent the last 25 years traveling, consuming and studying the beverage. I simply love sharing the flavors each whiskey is unique for and created this space to enhance the experience and help you to get to the whiskies you never knew you loved.

I share honest and outspoken whiskey reviews, if I do not like something, you will know. But more importantly I will teach the fine art of enjoying a whiskey while helping you pull out the notes and let you decide. Nothing like enjoying a great whiskey with an affordable price point.

I will be sharing how to enjoy, educating on where it was made, how it was made, how to pull out the notes, what to pair them with and sharing some recipes.


What are you waiting for? The great world of whisky lies ahead of you