Marc Orlando

From a young age I have enjoyed a passion for living life and experiencing the simple things in life as well as dabbling in the finer things.

Growing up on the beach in New Jersey just outside of New Yok City my siblings and I were raised by parents that encouraged us to explore the world as much as we could and try never to let an opportunity slip by.  Being in the suburbs of NYC we were afforded the largest stage to explore the world at our fingertips.

As a young man I wanted to know why whiskey is an acquired taste , what makes it a gentleman’s drink and what made whiskey the social lubricant that it is today?  What is it about whiskey that people love so much yet know little about?

My father and his friend would get together over whiskey to enjoy the wins of life as well as the sorrows.  Watching this, learning cigars around the same time, I started on a  25 year journey drinking and studying whiskey. 

Over 25 years of traveling, studying and drinking whiskey it occurred to me whiskey needs bigger ambassadors to assist in spreading the passion that is in the distilling of the worlds most beloved spirit.

Today my goal is to provide education (Scotch VS Bourbon, Single Malts VS Blends, the influence and importance of the wood cask the charring process of the wood cask VS smoke or Peat), help people experience something new, find their pallet, spread the passion of distilling fine spirits and understand why whiskey is considered the “Water of Life”.